I love light and beauty!

  Capturing the Beauty of People and Their Stories!

Hi, I'm Voula Gkoti,
 a photographer with a lifelong passion for storytelling through the lens of my camera. Since I first held a professional camera in 1985, I've embarked on an extraordinary journey, initially as a photojournalist for newspapers. This experience was nothing short of transformative, igniting a blend of awe, anticipation, fear, and liberation that became the driving force behind my art.
My 12 years as a photo reporter were a profound period of my life. During that time, I bore witness to the delicate dance of beauty and chaos, joy and tragedy, celebration and sorrow. Life's intricate tapestry unfolded before me, waiting to be captured within the frames of my photographs. These experiences fundamentally shaped my photographic perspective, emphasizing the importance of genuine, unscripted moments.
Now, for over two decades, I've had the privilege of running my own studio, channeling that same exhilaration and artistic inspiration into every shoot. The anticipation of a new assignment continues to overwhelm me, driving my skill and passion while keeping me connected to the essence of my art.
My purpose as a wedding photographer is to not only document your significant moments but to highlight the inherent beauty that springs from your souls and is expressed through your emotions. I offer you the opportunity to relive these cherished memories with the same intensity they held, ensuring they resonate for generations to come.
I would be honored to share my happiness with you by capturing the beauty and emotion of your special moments. Through my lens, your unique story unfolds, leaving you with a timeless collection of photographs that mirror the heart and soul of your journey.
Let's embark on this artistic journey together, and together, we'll create visual stories that truly capture the essence of your experiences.
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